pain.jpgSigil, the city of door, center of the Multiverse, the Cage, call it however you like, but remember this, this is a place of wonder. The City that humans, elves, demons, dragons and angels call home. Where a lich and illithid discuss the current affairs of the city. The City which trembles before the shadow of its ruler, the overwhelmingly powerful Lady of Pain, creature that can destroy a god with her mere thought. This is the place where groups called ‘factions’ clash for influence. They are philosophical groups that do not limit themselves to wearing togas to share with the populace their view on the Multiverse.

It is not always this peaceful in Sigil as you might have thought. It is the year 22 PFW (Post-Faction War.) What is the Faction War, you ask? Imagine, that 22 years ago the factol (a leader of sorts) of one of the factions started a revolution to discard the status quo of Sigil which dragged all other factions into a bloody conflict. Of course, Lady of Pain took notice and brought a quick resolution to the conflict by expelling all the factions from Sigil.

The peace lasted for a mere year. Sigil’s lack of stability lead Vecna, a powerful lich, to fulfill his plans. By means only known to him, he entered Sigil. He stripped Lady of Pain from her powers and begun his quest on changing the Multiverse according to his whim. The armies of Vecna flooded the streets of Sigil with blood, leaving a trail of scorched houses and orphaned children. A group of heroes emerged to put a stop to Vecna’s plan and brought Lady of Pain again into power.

Lady of Pain understood, that the problem occured because of the lack of proper wardens in the city and so in a less than a year, the factions returned to Sigil. How many tears and how much blood wouldn’t have to be spilled if the factions were present from the beginning? Factols have returned from their exile in the Labyrinths.

It has been 20 years since that event and the scars of Faction War and Vecna’s ascendance have already healed. A new day has come for the Multiverse, but somewhere in the borderless depths of it a string breaks, a string that might herald a new catastrophe…

Against the Fate

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