Orc wizard that tries to prove himself


Oxarr is an orc wizard who is way smarter than his typical brethren. Because of that he has an urge to prove himself as the greatest wizard in Sigil.

Oxarr always boasts about his magical expertise and does not take lightly to any blunder about his heritage. This is a great contrast to his overall appearance that is not distinguishable from a normal brute orc.

Oxarr runs his magical store “Oxarr’s Magical Stall” on Graysteam Puff in the Lower Ward which is full of wondorous items.

Oxarr offered to help the team with dispersing the illusion during their first adventure, but demanded their help with exorcising ghosts from magical urns that he came into possesion lately.

During the process it turned out that the creature in the urn (a caller in darkness creature) is somehow connected to a “Black Spiral.” When it was discovered, Oxarr became enraged and throw the team outside with the urn.


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