Of Calendars of the Multiverse

antonio-de-len-y-gama-1792.jpgThe multitude of worlds inhabiting the Prime Material Plane made it unable to provide a unificated calendar for the whole Multiverse. Each and every world utilizes a different method of counting the years, so providing an acute method of providing a date is a nontrivial task.

The siginificant calendars are:

  • DR – Dale Reckoning utilized on Toril
  • CY – Common Year utilized on Oerth
  • AC – Alt Cataclius utilized on Krynn
  • OC – Olven Calendar utilized in Wildspace
  • AR – Absalom Reckoning utilized on Golarion
  • SC and PFW – Sigil Calendar and Post Faction War utilized in Sigil

Events of importance:

  • 0 PFW 119 SC 1369 DR 4689 AR – Faction War. Factions exiled from Sigil. Factols imprisoned in the Mazes.
  • 1 PFW 120 SC 1370 DR 4690 AR – Vecna invades Sigil. Vecna usurps the rule of Lady of Pain and exiles her from Sigil. The City of Doors is in flames. A Band of Adventurers defeats the lich and places Lady of Pain on her right place. Vecna’s machinations lead him to godhood.
  • 2 PFW 121 SC 1371 DR 4691 AR – Factions return to Sigil.
  • 16 PWF 135 SC 1385 DR 4705 AR – Spellplague ravages Toril and brings back connection to Abeir. Fragments of Toril vanish replaced by long forgotten realms from Abeir.
  • 22 PWF 141 SC 1391 DR 4711 AR – Year of current events.

Of Calendars of the Multiverse

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