The Nest

Gniazdo.jpg‘The Nest’ is the base of operations for Ss’aru’ss and his gang, which he calls ‘The Family.’ Nest is a getto locaten in the Lower Ward on the backwater in the neighborhood of Iron Avenue which is inhabited by reptilian humanoids. Lizardfolk, kobolds, troglodytes, asabi and many other reptilian species call this place home. The Nest is one of the more dangerous places in the Lower Ward, if you are a mammal. It was build shortly after Vecna’s assault on Sigil by the reptiles, that lost houses as the effect of the attack. Amongst The Nest’s dwellers there are many who held positions of importance in the Lady’s Ward.

Nobody who is not a reptile would ever dare to come here, except for ocasional Harmonium or Mercykiller’s patrols that are always followed by unfriendly gazes of the inhabitants. In the center of The Nest he so called ‘Court’ is located. On the throne made of mammalian skulls resides Ss’aru’ss, the oldest, and the strongest, reptile in The Nest. Rumors have it that Ss’aru’ss and his gang keep portals to Oerth and Toril hidden somewhere in the Court.

Nest was created with the use of magical powers of reptilian druids, who manage to keep the swamp untouched by the pollution from Lower Ward’s factories and manufactories.

Most of the Nest dwellers are workers from nearby factories and craft workshops, but the biggest financial income comes from organized criminal activities ruled over by Ss’aru’ss and his cohorts.

The Nest

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